Cademuir Cavalier King Charles Spaniels began when our beloved Schnebley joined our family.  Schnebley came from our dear friends Barbara Garnett-Wilson and Roy Wilson of Laughing Cavaliers in Seabeck Washington.

In the years that followed, our cavalier family grew, and our showing family started when Laughing Heaven's Confection "Emma", a tricolor
Cavalier, made her entrance onto the scene thanks to Laughing Cavaliers.

In 2005, we were fortunate to acquire Danish Intl' Champion Victor v.h. Lamslag at Laughing from Barbara and Roy.  We look forward to many years of wonderful companionship and good times in the ring showing Emma and Victor.

We are members of our regional AKC Cavalier club, CKCSC-USA and Cavaliers of the West.  We enjoy participating in both CKCSC and AKC events.